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The show is an edgy and sometimes outrageous satire musical which takes shots at everything from organised religion to consumerism, the state of the economy and the musical theatre genre itself. Robert Lopez is no stranger to controversial musicals, after co-writing the score and lyrics for the 2003 puppet musical Avenue Q which shocked many audience members and general public at the time. Just like Avenue Q, The Book of Mormon went on to win the Tony Award for Best New Musical and still continues to be the hottest ticket in town. 

The show tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries who are sent to a small town in Uganda to bring news of the Latter Day Saints. They are shocked at the cultural differences, as a War Lord threatens the local villages and controls the area by fear. Both missionaries attempt to share the scriptures with the local people, although only one of them knows it well enough. Famine, poverty and AIDS threaten the town, and the duo must battle their own beliefs in order to succeed and make a change.

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