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Current Season

2019-2020 Season

Summer Musical: ANNIE

Fall Drama:

Many Faces of Love: An Evening of One Act, Poetry & More This show is a collection of skits, poems, monologues,
and vignettes all celebrating love — in some form or
another. Featuring the play, 7 Ways to Say I Love You, by
Adam Szymkowicz, and selections by Emily Dickinson,
Merrit Mallay, Hugh Prather, Sharrmain MacDonald, Robert
Coffin and more, it will be a beautiful night to share with
your loved ones. Exploring heart, grief, pain, laughter, hope,
jealousy, awkwardness, beginnings, and more mature love,
there is something for everyone here!


All the Days
Our GAFTEEN production, directed by Steven Levine and
asst. directed by Katy Zaborowski is from the playwright,
Sharyn Rothstein. All the Days is the story of Miranda, who
has done everything in her power to create a family completely
different than the one she came from. But after a painful
loss, Miranda suffers a lapse in judgment and invites her
hilarious, complicated, and self-destructive mother, Ruth, to
stay with her before her son’s Bar Mitzvah. As other needy
family members show up in search of connection and second
chances, Miranda’s already strained family relationships are
pulled to their breaking point. With all the kin in one place,
will they all stay in one piece? A warm, heart-filled comedy
about the scars of childhood and finding love, all grown up.


A Prince & Princess Fest
How can you have a princess without a King and Queen
and, of course, a prince?!! You can’t. But just who is the
right future queen? How can we find out? Hey, why not
try a test to see if the young lady is truly a princess! You
guessed it, The Princess and the Pea, is the first show in
our fest followed by the story of a young princess due to
marry someone she does not love, when she is given a
special gold ball by her fairy godmother, and all of a sudden
life changes for her in, The Frog Prince.  

Winter Comedy: TBA

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